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Dixie Gas And Oil Makes Conversion To Propane Easy For Greene County Residents.

Since 1946, Dixie Gas and Oil has been providing propane services in Greene County, Virginia. From comprehensive quotations to delivery and installation, our team of professionals ensure your tank and its components function as intended, saving you time and money throughout the process. We’re the local experts on converting your home to propane. Contact us to discuss your options with a qualified professional.

We Provide Expert And Informed Analysis Of Your Home’s Energy Needs.

At Dixie Gas and Oil, we’re committed to providing appropriate and beneficial options to each customer we serve. From tankless water heaters to gas fireplaces, our range of products and services ensure we have the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive quotations and expert installation. Compared with traditional electric heating systems for the home, propane is more cost effective and efficient. Studies from the US Department of Energy have shown electricity to cost twice as much as propane to heat your home. When you’re interested in converting your home to propane, contact a member of our team for an in-home assessment and free estimate.

Converting Your Home To Propane Is Easy! Here’s How:

Converting your home to propane isn’t as complicated as it sounds, especially if you break down the process and work with industry professionals.

1.) Schedule a visit from a propane specialist.
2.) Start researching appliances and discover the efficiency advantages of propane.
3.) Establish a budget.

If you enlist Dixie, their process provides a structured plan of action with a detailed timeline on which you can depend.

Greene County Propane Experts, Dixie Gas And Oil, Know Their Community.

At Dixie Gas and Oil, we’re proud of the services we provide to the community. Our superior customer service, excellent products, and expert installation provide dependable options for your home’s fuel needs. Ensure your project goes as planned and choose local professionals who understand you and your home’s needs.

Convert to Propane in Greene County Today!