Tankless Water Heaters Affordably Heat Water For On-Demand Use.

woman's hand in water running from a faucet

Tankless water heaters use compact, on-demand heat to bring water to your desired temperature as it is needed. Low cost water heating meets your needs and your bottom line.  Electric water heaters consume more energy than propane-fueled water heaters. When your heater is not keeping a tank of water hot around the clock, your heating costs go down. Industry-leading Rinnai tankless water heaters are the #1 selling tankless water heater in the U.S., and Dixie has the inventory to get you set up when you are ready to make the switch.

Take Back Your Storage Space.

The small, space-saving design frees up space where more traditional water storage tanks take up an average of 12 square feet of floor space. Tankless water heaters use a direct-vent design, bringing air for combustion directly to the unit from outside. Functional efficiency paired with slim design allow for the tank to be mounted in small spaces, ideal for maximizing your space and minimizing your utilities footprint. These small-sized water heaters can be retrofit into most existing buildings and homes, as well as planned into new construction.

Never Run Out Of  Hot Water Again.

Using about 20% less energy than a traditional electric tank water heater, when you go propane tankless you get to match savings with performance. Demand hot water means right now. As you turn on the faucet for hot water, the water is heated just right as it flows through the pipe. You get all the hot water you need and save money and emissions doing it.

Tankless Water Heaters Are A Great Way To Switch To Propane.

Thinking about switching to a clean fuel for your home? Put propane to work for you with a tankless water heater. Get the best solution for your hot water and home fuel needs. Make the switch to propane and introduce tankless water heaters to your home.

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