Hire The Right People & Have Dixie Install The Propane Line.

While Dixie does not sell generators or electrically install them, we have connected a great number to propane and are most familiar with the process. The main focus of installation should be safety and functionality. Much more than minor electrical work, you need correct sizing, proper placement, and an energy source like propane. Further, the generator needs to power the building through a transfer switch to prevent sending power out over the utility lines. Hiring a professional generator installer gives guidance through the process and peace of mind that your generator will be ready to safely perform when you need it.

Professional Generator Installation Helps Avoid Costly Electrical Mistakes.

Hiring a generator company or an electrical contractor and certified propane gas system installers greatly decreases the chance of costly mistakes. Knowledge of generators helps technicians avoid mistakes. Knowledge of the regulations and permits required for the installation is another benefit of working with contractors experienced in installation. After the electrical contractor installs the generator, Dixie Oil & Gas steps in to install your propane tank and lines.

Dixie Oil & Gas Offers Metered Propane Service To Power Your Generator At The Right Cost.

Purchasing a propane-powered generator is an investment. Folks can be unpleasantly surprised to learn there may be hook-up fees for the propane in addition to the generator installation. Dixie Oil & Gas has a solution in our metered propane service. Installation costs are minimized with Metered Service because there is no need to buy the propane to fill the tank. There are no tank rental charges or delivery fees with Metered Service. After installation, all you pay is a monthly minimum and for the propane you use! Enjoy our $149 propane hook-up promotion good through September 30, 2019.

Switching To Propane Brings A New Power Source To Your Home.

If you are introducing propane to your power plan, consider the many ways propane can fuel your home. Now that you have a working generator, what else can make you more comfortable? Visit a Dixie showroom to see propane fireplaces, water heaters, stoves and more.