Propane Conversion Puts Your Fuel Needs At The Heart Of Our Service.

Gone are the days of only one way to enjoy the efficiency and warmth of propane. While you still have the option to purchase propane one full tank at a time, now you can enjoy metered service. Remote monitoring allows us to know exactly when to refill your tank, and you only pay as you use the fuel plus a small monthly fee.

Ready For Propane Conversion? We Make It Easy.

Dixie’s streamlined process makes requesting service easy. Our goal is to get you up and running with an expert touch. You do not have to purchase or rent the tank from us, though we will help you find the best place to locate it on your property. Our certified technicians professionally install propane equipment and gas lines safely. Dixie fills the tank and then monitors usage, charging you at monthly intervals.

No Start-up Fees Or Large Fuel Purchases Required.

Because customers love the warmth, reliability, and efficiency of propane, we work to eliminate the possible hardship of a large fuel purchase coming all at once. Metered service supplies propane as it is needed, without the fear of running out or being hit with a large bill. Dixie’s low-fee installation provides a full tank with a meter and a wireless monitor. After installation, you pay a small monthly fee and for the propane you have used that month.

Wireless Monitoring Minimizes Home Visits, Helping Keep Costs Low.

Dixie meters are wirelessly connected to our network. This means we only visit to refuel when needed, rather than scheduling regular visits to read the meters. By streamlining our process with innovative technology, we are able to keep costs low for our valued customers. Dixie delivers when you are ready to make the switch to propane. Our friendly service team is standing by to get you started. Contact us today.