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Where Does My Propane Tank Need To Be Located? Let’s Get Started.

Where does a residential propane tank need to be located? Several factors affect the location of your tank, including:

  • Size: The size of your tank is one factor that determines its location. There are regulatory requirements related to tank size that impact location possibilities. The size of the tank you need is determined based on uses, type and number of connected appliances.
  • Required Distances: There are required clearances from the home, doors, windows, crawl space vents, outside stairways and from sources of ignition like HVAC units, generators and electrical switching equipment. Pressure regulators used in a propane system are also subject to certain clearance requirements.
  • Access: Your tank must be located within the reach of a delivery truck hose. Typically, this would be within 100’ or so from your driveway or a public road.

Let’s Get Down To Details.

The size of the tank determines its proximity to your home. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Less Than 125 Gallons: May be installed against the wall of the home, but distance requirements from ignition sources and openings still apply.
  • 125-500 Gallons: Must be a minimum of 10’ from the structure. The distance requirements from the ignition sources and opening also apply. Depending on the individual situation, there may be additional requirements or exclusions that apply. You should have your site evaluated by a qualified propane company representative for location recommendations.

Converting To Propane Is A Smart Choice For Virginia Homeowners.

Switching to propane provides multiple advantages, including:

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