Better Serve Your Customers: Become A Propane Filling Location.

Instead of recommending propane-filling locations to your customers, why not provide the service yourself? Dixie supplies many local retail businesses with propane cylinder refill stations to meet the needs of those businesses’ customers. Choose from the type of propane filling that best suits your clientele, including cylinder refill, recreational vehicle tanks, or commercial forklift cylinders.

Dixie Delivers Propane-Filling Locations Made Easy.

We take care of you so that you can take care of your customers. We start with a free on-site estimate where we’ll talk with you about your needs and determine the appropriate propane filling equipment for the service you wish to provide. From start to finish, we provide professional installation and then ongoing repair and maintenance to keep you safely functioning. Dixie’s Safety & Regulatory Compliance Manager or other staff trains your staff in proper cylinder inspection and filling practices. We then supply your propane-filling tank with propane on an Automatic Delivery service. We take care of you, leaving you to care for your customers.

Expect Efficiency With Automatic Delivery Service, Remote Tank Monitoring and Truck Management Systems.

Dixie adopts innovations that save our customers time. In our 70-year history, we have continuously tested and discerned the right innovations to promote safety and efficiency in the services we provide. Automatic Delivery Service means you don’t have to wonder if you have enough propane to support your customers’ needs. We use remote tank monitoring to give us exact readings that inform our delivery schedule. Our state-of-the-art truck management system wirelessly communicates your exact delivery volumes to our billing system and records, maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors.

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