Dixie Delivers Convenience With On-Site Commercial Forklift Cylinder Propane Filling.

Keep your forklifts moving with a reliable supply of refill cylinders. Our industrial customers benefit from on-site propane refill deliveries or on-site pumping stations to keep forklifts operational. We come to you for a free on-site estimate to determine the right fit for your business. Our sales representatives evaluate your usage and volume to recommend which option is best suited to your needs, answer your questions and work out the details of your service with you.

On-Site Cylinder Refill Service Brings Propane To You When You Need It.

Based on your usage, we provide routine on-site propane filling to support our industrial customers. Don’t go out to get your fuel; we come to you. In one visit we can refill all of your on-site propane cylinders to keep your forklifts and industrial applications powered and productive.

Propane Pumping Stations Provide Easy On-Demand Propane Filling.

An alternative to Dixie refill deliveries is to provide your business with its own propane pumping station. Your employees refill cylinders as needed from the tank provided. We’ll work with you to schedule deliveries to the tank, keeping your industrial applications working. Usage conditions and training requirements may apply, prioritizing safety and efficiency for you. We provide training and maintain the equipment to meet regulations and to promote safety.

Take The Guesswork Out With Safety Training Included In Your Contract.

Dixie delivers safety. Our Safety and Regulatory Compliance Manager provides on-site documented safety and operations training both to all our pumping station customers. Training for employers and pumping station attendants teach safety practices and ensures compliance with DOT, OSHA, and NFPA (Fire) Code regulations. Safety as a priority is one way Dixie demonstrates our commitment to customer care. We’re comfortable only when you’re comfortable.

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