If You Currently Use Propane And Are Switching Service Companies, Welcome To Dixie.

Since 1946, Dixie Gas & Oil has provided fuel service locally to Virginia and parts of West Virginia. With office locations in Verona, Lexington, Covington, and Elkton, Virginia, we manage and fulfill our neighbors’ gas and oil needs. At Dixie, customer care is the driving force behind our business. Our competitive pricing, highly trained and certified technicians and staff, propane product showrooms, and extensive community involvement demonstrate our commitment to service and value for our customers, who are also our neighbors.


Free Estimates Make Sure You Get Just What You Need And Not What You Don’t.

As a propane user, you may own your tank or be leasing it from your current propane provider. Dixie provides a thorough on-site evaluation of your propane equipment as part of our free estimate. Whether you need a tank altogether or need an old tank removed prior to installation, we are able to safely and efficiently outfit you with modern propane equipment. Whether service uses a tank you already own or one we install, we run a Gas System Check to ensure safety and efficient performance. Dixie standards exceed all federal, state, and local codes.

Dixie Delivers With Some Of The Largest Local Storage Facilities And Service Fleets.

Our goal is to keep you comfortable. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service, have convenient ways for you to contact us any time, use modern technology to increase efficiency, and give you control of your fuel costs through payment options while providing top notch customer service. A critical factor in meeting your needs is having a steady supply of local fuel and a well-maintained delivery fleet large enough to support the fuel demands in our area. Dixie delivers seamless service backed with a 5-Day Delivery Guarantee so that you’re comfortable without concern.

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