Dixie Delivers With Reliable Gas And Oil Service Like It Used To Be, And A 5-Day Delivery Guarantee To Keep You Comfortable.

Since 1946, Dixie has been serving our local community’s gas and oil needs. We didn’t last this long with unreliable service and we make it our mission to keep up the good work you’ve come to trust. Because we understand the way you depend on our fuel service, we make a 5-Day Delivery commitment to you. We schedule your delivery within the coming 5 business days. You can count on that. In this day and age, backing up great customer service with a guarantee is designed to offer you peace of mind that you’re still in good hands.

Our 5-Day Delivery Guarantee Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

  • You Order Fuel

    Customers can call, order fuel online (existing customers only) or visit a Dixie location to get an order started.

  • We Process Your Order

    Your order will be processed and our drivers will receive your delivery schedule.

  • Dixie Delivers!

    You can expect to receive a fuel delivery within 5 days of your order being processed. Trust Dixie to deliver every time!

Is It Really That Easy? Yes!

When you make a new customer contact or existing customers Order Fuel Online, call us or come to a Dixie location, we process your order and schedule your delivery for the coming 5 business days. If your fuel is not delivered within that time frame, we credit your account $50.

Delivery Options And Payment Plans Keep You In Fuel Without A Doubt.

We have designed both delivery options and payment plans to meet your fuel needs and work with your budget and usage. We offer Automatic Delivery, where we assume full responsibility for keeping you in fuel to minimize the possibility that you’d ever be left in the cold. Payment plans include price cap programs, pre-buy for fuel in the summer (when propane is typically at its lowest price) to be delivered through the winter season and budget plans to flatten your payments across the year. Expect more from Dixie, your local propane gas and oil company.

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