Dixie Delivers Safety With Professional Gas System Checks.

Our commitment to safety begins with training and certifications for our technicians in the safe and proper handling of propane. Checking the tanks, lines, equipment, and propane products provide critical feedback to give us direction in how to adjust for the safe operation of propane service. Gas System Checks and Leak Checks are two tests required by law in the safe handling of propane. Dixie’s professional service technicians are prepared to perform them when the case calls for it.

Gas System Checks Meet Legal Requirements, Promote Safety, And Give You Peace Of Mind.

Gas System Checks are in-depth safety checks for the efficient operation of your propane–products. The check takes more time the more propane products you have. Your propane service requires a Gas System Check when you add an appliance, when we install a new tank, when we replace a line or add a new line, when you smell propane, or when any modifications are made to the system. A Gas System Check provides peace of mind that your propane system is in peak form.

Empty Tanks Require Leak Checks Prior To Refill.

A Leak Check tests the integrity of your propane system. When Dixie has not provided the tank that you’d like us to fill, we are required by law to run a Leak Check prior to filling the tank. If your propane tank becomes empty, we are also required by law to run a Leak Check before we refill the tank. You can avoid this test with our Automatic Delivery Service, or by adding remote tank monitoring to keep track of your exact usage and make deliveries more efficient. On the Automatic Delivery Service plan, if your tank runs empty, the Leak Check is on us.

Our Expert Technicians Determine The Check That Is Right For Your Situation.

Our expert staff will help you determine whether you need a Gas System Check or a Leak Check. We provide Emergency Service if you think you have a leak. An odorant in the gas that smells like rotten eggs indicates you may have gas escaping from your propane product, lines or propane tank. Dixie representatives ask a series of questions to determine the situation parameters and guide you in how to proceed. We also offer Safety Tips to support your safety.

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