Intent On Improving Our Customer Experience And Saving You Time, We Innovate.

Since 1946, we’ve worked hard to be the locally trusted name in propane and oil. We evolve with the times and embrace change when it improves customer service. Not every innovation makes sense for our customers and we are sure to try out any new technology before we adopt it. We value your time and appreciate that cost savings is always welcome. We utilize innovations that make your propane and oil service more efficient and cost effective because we’re comfortable only when you’re comfortable.

Never Miss A Payment With 24/7 Online Bill Pay.

Each payment innovation we offer saves you time. Sign up for automatic drafting of your bank account, pay online with your statement, or opt-in for electronic statements.

Accurate Billing Is Easy With A Truck Management System Providing Exact Delivery Information.

Our trucks connect wirelessly to our dispatchers to record the exact amounts of fuel delivered on your account. This innovation eliminates human error and maximizes our ability to serve you in real time. The fuel delivery amount automatically integrates to billing to assure you that deliveries are billed accurately and efficiently.

Never Run Dry With Remote Tank Monitoring.

We can monitor your fuel levels daily with available wireless remote tank monitoring. When your fuel level begins to get low, we schedule a delivery to make sure you never run out. You can even monitor your tank volume from your computer or mobile device. We’re comfortable only when you’re comfortable.

Order On Demand With Online Ordering.

Personal service is always available, but when you simply need to order when you’re ready, order 24/7 with online ordering. We guarantee a 5 business-day turn around. Never wait for business hours to order again. Order online when you think about it, 24/7.

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