Dixie Delivers Compliance With Motor Fuel Safety Data Sheets (SDS/MSDS).

We operate in compliance with the Safety Data Sheets issued by the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, a worldwide initiative to promote standard criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health, physical and environmental hazards. In 2012, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) merged with OSHA regulations to create an aligned, universally recognized system. For all intents and purposes, MSDS became SDS. Compliance is integral to Dixie’s commitment to safety for our people and our customers. The Gasoline and Diesel SDS provide regulatory information on the dangers, composition, safe handling, and disposal of each.

As Our Customer, We’re Partners In Compliance.

To support your compliance, we provide current Safety Data Sheets for each of our fuel products. In the 70 years Dixie has worked with the safe delivery and application of fuels. We’ve shared information, provided training, and worked with our customers on compliance. An added value to doing business with Dixie is the access you have to our expertise. We are a phone call away, and you reach a person each and every time you call. Our commitment to our customers extends beyond reliable delivery to safe applications for motor fuels.

Prioritize Safety With On-Site Product Training For Motor Fuels.

Dixie commercial, industrial and agricultural motor fuel contracts can include on-site safety training. The Dixie Safety and Regulatory Compliance manager will provide on-site training if you desire. As part of our on-going relationship, we remain available for training as needed to refresh safety practices and ensure compliance with DOT, OSHA, and NFPA Fire Code regulations. We’re comfortable only when you’re comfortable.

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