Dixie Delivers Quality Propane Conversion.

As a local full-service propane provider, Dixie has the expertise and equipment to support you in propane conversion. A propane heating system offers the benefits of using an economical and non-toxic fuel to keep you comfortable. We offer a complete line of tankless propane boilers for water and hot-water home heating. As part of your conversion, why not consider the comfort provided by the addition of propane supplemental heating products? We have a wide selection of fireplace logs and inserts, space heaters and decorative heating stoves. Our knowledgeable and experienced Dixie staff will be standing by to guide you through the many design choices and we’re always pleased to work with your HVAC contractor if needed. Finding the right propane heating system is part of the value of working with Dixie. Contact us to get started.

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Dixie Meets The Highest Standards Of Safety To Give You Peace Of Mind.

In our propane systems and gas line installations, we meet or exceed the highest level of design and safety standards to ensure your use of propane is a good experience. Adhering to top industry standards also maximizes the efficiency of your system. Expect peak performance with proper installation from our trained and qualified professionals.

Stay Comfortable With Reliable Delivery From One Of The Largest Local Propane Storage Capacities and Service Fleets.

Once your propane system is installed, Dixie is well positioned as your local propane gas and oil company to supply you with propane. We have some of the area’s largest local propane storage facilities and an extensive, well-maintained service fleet to keep you comfortable. We offer a number of payment plans and delivery options to fit every level of usage and budget.

Experience Excellent Customer Care From Your Local Propane Gas And Oil Company.

We view your ongoing relationship with us as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to customer care. Dixie delivers a seamless propane conversion, from providing quality and expert propane service to keeping you comfortable with our 5-Day Delivery Guarantee.

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