Dixie Delivers Propane Gas Line Installation.

Since 1946, Dixie has safely and expertly performed propane gas line installations. Our highly trained and qualified technicians install gas lines correctly and legally to render your propane tank, appliances, and lines operable and serviceable. We adhere to all regulations and industry standards for materials and connection methods. Safety is our top priority. Training and certifications are integral to our efforts to provide top quality service and develop a long-term relationship of care with our customers. Contact us today to schedule a free on-site consultation for your propane gas line installation.

propane gas line installation

Our Extensive 70-Year History Of Service Means Expertise To Rely On.

Propane gas line installation is regulated for safety. When you need gas line installation, working with Dixie means we handle all the permits and inspections. Dixie standards meet or exceed all codes and safety regulations to provide trusted service. Once we’ve completed installation, we run gas system checks and do a safety inspection and walk-through with you. Service turns on once we have satisfied installation requirements and are confident in your comfort and safety. In serving our local community for 70 years, we have consistently maintained safety and comfort as values that we pass on to our customers in excellent customer care.

We Are Equipped To Satisfy Industry-Leading Standards And Efficient Installation.

Our service fleet includes all the equipment to successfully complete your propane gas line installation. You leave all the work to us, including producing the right equipment for the job, securing the permits, and coordinating with other service providers and utility companies. Our commitment to going above and beyond means greater efficiency and safety for you.

Propane Gas Line Installation Sets The Stage For A Long-Term Service Relationship.

Dixie takes pride in providing consistent, reliable, and competitive propane service. With delivery options and payment plans to keep you comfortable, Dixie delivers.

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