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An Honest Discussion

Your Dilemma

You’ve just spent several thousand dollars to purchase and install a standby generator. You call the propane company to arrange for gas connection and discover that it will cost hundreds more for that work PLUS a tank of propane at $1,000 or more. You hadn’t planned for that.

The Propane Company’s Dilemma

Generator-only customers are typically unprofitable for propane companies because most require large, expensive tanks and the gas usage will be quite small. The chances of ever recovering costs aren’t very good. Annual tank rentals of about $200 usually apply in an effort to offset the equipment investment.

The Result

You’re left with a big bill up-front that you weren’t anticipating and annual tank rental bills leaving you feeling like the propane company doesn’t care about you as a customer. The propane company faces the choice of alienating you as a customer or losing money. But, there is a better way…

Dixie Has A Solution – Propane Hook Up For Generators!

Only A One Time Hook Up Charge of $149.


No more large volume gas purchases or tank rental fees!

Dixie offers an affordable solution to propane hook up for your generator. With metered service, you don’t ever pay to fill the tank – Dixie keeps a good supply in the tank and you pay for the gas monthly, as you use it. There are no delivery fees or tank rentals. There is a monthly flat fee of $15.95 and a one-time installation charge of $149. So, instead of paying $1,000 to $2,000 for your generator propane installation, you’re ready to go for only $149*.

  • Lower up-front costs

    Installation costs are minimized with Metered Service because there is no need to buy the propane to fill the tank. There are no tank rental charges or delivery fees with Metered Service. After installation, all you pay is a monthly minimum and for the propane you use!

  • Reliable fuel supply with wireless technology

    Dixie will keep a good supply of propane in your tank, but you don’t have to pay for it until you use it. Just use it when you need it. The meter communicates remotely using wireless technology, so no one is required to be on your property to read the meter.

  • Same great service with added efficiency

    Our highly trained professionals install the Metered Service system and we check that the system is transmitting properly as part of the installation process. As your trusted fuel company, Dixie Gas & Oil is proud to offer you efficient propane innovations to meet your needs.

*The $149 propane tank and line installation charge is for a standard installation. Standard installation includes up to a 500 gallon propane tank installation for new customers, with a 3-year propane gas agreement, up to 25 feet of gas line, required regulators and fittings and labor. Variations from a standard installation are available, but may be subject to additional charges. A visit by a Dixie representative will determine installation requirements. Dixie will be pleased to work directly with your generator contractor to facilitate the installation. Offer good through September 30, 2019.