Dixie Delivers Propane Innovations To Meet Your Needs.

Metered Service is a way to enjoy the cleanliness and efficiency of propane without a need to buy a tank-full at a time. A meter is placed in the system that measures gas consumption and you pay for what you use, as you use it.

Metered Service Means A Reliable And Worry-Free Fuel Supply.

With Metered Service, Dixie will keep a good supply of propane in your tank, but you don’t have to pay for it until you use it. There is no need to call in for an order or to time orders to for budget reasons.  Just use it when you need it. The meter communicates remotely using wireless technology, so no one is required to be on your property to read the meter.

Lower Up-Front Costs and Minimize Fees with Metered Service.

Installation costs are minimized with Metered Service because there is no need to buy the propane to fill the tank – Dixie fills it up, ready for you to use.  There are no tank rental charges or delivery fees with Metered Service.  After installation, all you pay is a monthly minimum and for the propane you use!

Professional Installation For Quality And Safety.

We take care of the installation as part of our service to customers. Our highly trained professionals install the Metered Service system and we check that the system is transmitting properly as part of the installation process. The metering devices are maintenance free and designed for long-term reliable operation. As your trusted fuel company, Dixie Gas & Oil is proud to offer you efficient propane innovations to meet your needs.

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