Dixie Delivers Peace Of Mind With Professional Propane Gas Installation.

Once you initiate propane service or purchase a propane product, Dixie schedules installation. Our installers are industry trained and manufacturer certified to properly install tanks and lines, and propane products. Safety and efficiency are our top priorities in providing a sound installation. We follow the industry’s highest standards in our process to ensure a functional and safe propane experience for you.

As Your Contractor, We Handle Product Installation From Start To Finish.

Your free on-site estimate begins the process to determine the ideal location for your propane tank and propane products. By the time we reach installation, we have a detailed plan to meet your needs and our installation reflects that careful forethought. Dixie is a Class B Contractor, capable and certified to perform the scope of work required for your installation.

Installation Includes A Gas System Check To Maximize Your Safety.

No installation is complete without a Gas System Check or Leak Check, depending on the scope of work. Our installers carefully inspect your newly installed system before activation. We complete installation with a safety walk-through with you. Since 1946, our commitment to quality customer service has had safety at the heart. We’re comfortable only when you’re comfortable.

Make The Most Of Your Service With A Dixie Propane Delivery Plan.

Once we’ve securely installed your system, we’ll turn on your service. Choose from our propane delivery plans to find the plan that best suits your needs. Our Automatic Delivery service offers the best value, with available remote tank monitoring to ensure you never run dry. You enjoy your comfortable home or business, and we’ll keep the propane tank safely functional and supplied. You don’t even need to be home when we fill up your tank. Just leave the work to us for consistent comfort.

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