Dixie Delivers Propane Innovations That Save You Time.

Remote propane tank monitoring is a step into the 21st century for fuel delivery. Instead of relying on estimated usage and anticipated seasonal propane needs, we now easily and economically keep track of exactly the fuel you use. With remote tank monitoring, we are able to deliver fuel when you need it and keep a careful eye out for leaks or unusual changes in volume.

Monitoring Means A More Reliable Fuel Supply In Your Home Or Business.

Remote propane tank monitoring takes the guesswork out of unpredictable situations. Your generator may sit with a full propane tank for months, but when you need it, the levels could drop quickly. Remote tank monitoring alerts Dixie immediately when the fuel level runs low, saving you from running empty and requiring a Leak Check.

Greater Delivery Efficiency Minimizes Fees.

Because remote tank monitoring eliminates unnecessary deliveries, you only pay trip fees when you actually need a refill. Run-out fees are also a cost of the past with this simple-to-install and easy-to-use innovation. With Dixie monitoring your tank, you have twice the protection from equipment problems and fuel run-out.

Professional Installation Without Interruption To Your Gas Usage.

We take care of the installation as part of our service to customers and, like with tank refills, you don’t have to be at the property. Our highly trained professionals install the remote monitoring system on site in about 15 minutes. Installation involves only equipment on the exterior of the tank. Your tank remains shut and secure and your gas usage goes uninterrupted. We check that the system is transmitting properly as part of the installation process. The monitoring devices are maintenance free and designed for long-term reliable operation. As your trusted fuel company, Dixie Gas & Oil is proud to offer you efficient propane innovations for your residential and commercial properties.

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