Dixie Delivers Added Value With Guidance For Propane Tax Credits.

Dixie helps you navigate the rebates and incentives available to when you choose propane. The fine print changes each year, so having an expert guide you maximizes the returns you may receive for your propane use. We’ve been working in the energy industry since 1946, with an eye to all the trends in energy use and regulations. Our staff members are experts at adding value to your experience with Dixie, including making the most of consumer incentives. Most incentives are linked to proper installation; another area that we’ve got covered with highly trained and certified technicians.

Visit One Of Our Showrooms For Guidance And Support With Propane Products.

We invite you to visit one of our showrooms to see our propane products firsthand. Most of our products (except for gas grills) are hooked up and fully functional for you to experience the utility and see the beauty of our selection. Start with your needs and style, and then check into rebates and incentives to support your purchase.

Propane Incentives Help Us Learn More About How Propane Is Used.

The Propane Education & Research Council (this will link to a Resources page that serves as the link library) offers qualifying propane product users incentives to participate in long-term research. Eligible propane products include premium generator sets, combined heat and power systems, irrigation engines, and lawn mowers. In exchange for the monetary incentive, you agree to share your experiences with the council. Be part of ongoing research to support clean fuel.

Federal Tax Credits Incentivize Propane- Appliances.

Tax credits are available to homeowners for the installation of qualifying ENERGY STAR (this will link to a Resources page that serves as the link library) propane appliances. Each year has slightly different requirements and rebates. In recent years, hot water boilers, tankless water heaters, furnaces, and other propane appliances have received federal propane tax credits. Operators of propane vehicles and propane forklifts have been eligible to claim a federal Alternative Fuel Tax Credit for every gallon of propane used.
State And Local Government Incentives Further Encourage Propane Use.
Some states and localities provide tax credits, rebates, grants and other incentives for propane projects. DSIRE ® (this will link to a Resources page that serves as the link library) is an online clearinghouse for energy incentives, searchable by state.

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