Dixie Delivers Efficiency With Gas Maintenance And Repairs.

We maintain all propane products that we sell, which is just another way Dixie delivers. Keep your products operating at peak performance with regular gas maintenance and repairs. Get comfortable with high efficiency that translates to maximum output and savings in energy costs. Request Service >

gas maintenance

Keep Your Propane Products At Peak Performance.

Maintenance might be part of your regular routine, or it may be a mystery for a new product. One of the ways Dixie takes care of our customers is through easy maintenance for tasks that could be cumbersome or even dangerous. For example, tankless water heaters should be back-flushed once a year with an acid bath to clean the limestone deposits. We offer that service so you don’t have to mess with it. Call us once a year to keep your products in peak performance. We service Tankless Water Heaters, Space Heaters, and Hearth Products, including gas logs, fireplace inserts, heating stoves, and fire pits.

Enjoy Regular Maintenance Without The Hassle.

Dixie provides complete service, including repairs so that you can sit back and relax. Our industry trained and certified technicians are able to safely maintain and repair the propane products we sell, as well as the gas systems that run the products. For regular maintenance like fireplace log cleaning and removing deposits from tankless water heaters, Dixie keeps your products functioning at peak performance. We give you a full report of the state of your product and detail the scope of any work required.

Trust Your Local Gas And Oil Experts To Safely Repair Your Gas Lines.

Since 1946, we have provided gas system checks and leak checks along with the maintenance and repairs necessary to keep your gas lines safely functioning. We’re comfortable only when you’re comfortable.

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