Dixie Delivers Energy-Efficient Endless Hot Water With Tankless Water Heaters.

Don’t get left in a cold shower ever again! Tankless Water Heaters heat water on demand for an endless supply of hot water. Since the water is not being heated in a large holding tank when you don’t need it, you save energy and money. Dixie offers selections from industry-leading manufacturers of tankless water heaters including Rinnai, Noritz and Navien. Contact us today to arrange for a free site visit to evaluate your water heating needs.

tankless water heater

Save Money, Space, And Energy Without Sacrificing Performance.

Tankless water heaters provide hot water when you need it plus offer savings in space, money and energy. The lack of a water tank frees up closet and storage space. By only heating water on demand, no energy source is required to continuously heat water until it is used. The cost cut in your energy bill along with the extra space saved makes on-demand hot water even more attractive.

Practical For Most Homes, Tankless Water Heaters Increase Safety In Second Homes.

Tankless water heaters are practical for any household wishing to maximize efficiency and enjoy endless hot water. In second homes or low-occupancy homes, a tankless water heater eliminates water tank leaks and damage. The beauty of the tankless water heater is in its ability to provide hot water as needed rather than perpetually heating a tank of hot water.

Dixie Adds Value Through Professional Installation To Activate Warranties.

Whether your tankless water heater is for a remodel or a new build, rely on Dixie’s professional installation to have you in hot water for the long-term. We believe in a job well done and your comfort is our top priority. Our highly trained and certified technicians support the activation of your warranties with proper installation. We also offer follow-up repair and maintenance from factory certified technicians.

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